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• Tournament Dates:

  • SODIC Squash Junior Open # 1  >>>  23-28 December 2021.

  • SODIC Squash Junior Open # 2  >>>  6-11 January 2022.

  • SODIC Squash Junior Open # 3  >>>  24-29 March 2022.

  • SODIC Squash Junior Open # 4  >>>  12-20 May 2022.


• Categories:


Boys & Girls U9 - U11 - U13 - U15 - U17


• Player Eligibility:


All players shall be entitled to enter providing they are under the appropriate age after:

  • # 1: 28th December 2021.

  • # 2: 11th January 2022.

  • # 3: 29th March 2022.

  • # 4: 20th May 2022.


• Awards:


1- 1st to 4th place winners (All age groups) will be presented with trophies and medals

2- 1st & 2nd place winners (U11 & U13) will win the latest model squash rackets

2- 1st & 2nd place winners (U15 & U17) of each tournament will be awarded free limited memberships at UFC Gym Egypt

3- Players who participate in all 4 SODIC Squash Junior Open tournaments are eligible to win:


  • 1st ranked player (boy & girl) will be granted a 1 week camp in New York, USA (June 2022)

  • 2nd ranked player (boy & girl) will be granted a 1 week camp in New York, USA (July 2022)

  • 3rd ranked player (boy & girl) will be granted a 1 week camp in Abu Dhabi, UAE (September 2022)

  • 4th ranked player (boy & girl)  will be granted a 1 week camp in Mumbai, India (September 2022)

All travel and accommodation expenses are covered by the tour organizers.


• Grand Prize:


First place winners of each event (U11, U13, U15 & U17) (boys & girls) will win free round-trip tickets to New York, USA.


• Tournament Format:

  1. Players are divided into groups, each group consisting of at least 4 players.

  2. Group matches are played in a one-round league system guaranteeing at least 3 matches for each player.

  3. Only the winner and the runner-up from each group will qualify to the main draw (knockout).

  4. Knockout stage draws are either 16, 32 or 64, according to the number of qualifying players from the group stages.

  5. All players will play a minimum of 3 matches regardless of the number of participants in every age category.

  6. All group matches are played best of 3 games.

  7. All knockout draw matches are played best of 5 games.

  8. All matches will be played PAR (Point-A-Rally) to 11. Should the score reach 10-10, a player needs to win by 2 points.


• Points Distribution System

  • Winner: 5000 points

  • Runner-up: 4000 points

  • 3-4 Place: 3200 points

  • 5-8 Place: 2560 points

  • 9-16 Place: 2048 points

  • 17-32 Place: 1638 points

  • 33-64 Place: 1311 points

  • 65+ Place: 1049 points




• Tournament Venues:

SODIC Squash Junior Open tournaments are split across three venues:

  • Club S Allegria  (SODIC West)

  • The Club  (6th of October, Al Motamayez District)


Note: All semi-final & final matches will be played at Club S Allegria (SODIC West).


• Rules & Regulations



All players must mark and referee matches when required, at the direction of the Tournament referee at each venue.


Players must wear suitable squash attire including non-marking shoes.


It is mandatory for approved eye protection to be worn at all times during competition play, including the group stages. Players will not be allowed to compete without approved eye protection.


Seeding will be conducted by a panel.


All draws and schedule-of-play will be posted on our website as well as social media pages. All players should also check their next-round matches before leaving the venue. A walkover will be given if the player is not present at the court within 15 minutes of calling his/her name.


All competitors denote their agreement to abide by the WSF Code of Conduct and the WSF Junior Guidelines by entering the tournament. Parents must refrain from interference in matches. Any complaints should be addressed formally to the tournament desk.


Players entering any SODIC Squash Junior Open are at their own risk. The tour organizers will not bear responsibility for any injury arising from participating in the tournaments. Competitors must arrange their own insurance coverage.


By entering the tournament, you agree to abide by the rules and regulations governing the championship and declare that you are aware of the Anti-Doping regulations and procedures as set out in Section E and Appendix G of the WSF World Championship Regulations. You accept that you may be dope tested under these regulations at any stage of the tour and will be subject to the penalties set out in the World Championship Regulations if the test(s) prove positive.


1.1 Tournament Specific

In the event of a withdrawal 2 weeks prior to the closing date, a full refund of tournament entry fees will be given less any administrative fees incurred.

In the event of a withdrawal within 1 week prior the closing date, 50% refund of tournament entry fees will be given less any administrative fees incurred.

In the event of a withdrawal after the closing date, no refunds will be given.


1.2 General

Withdrawal from the tournament must be notified to the Event Director as soon as possible by email with a valid reason.  The reason for withdrawal should then be confirmed within 7 days and in the event of illness or injury, should be accompanied by a letter of explanation from a parent or coach.



The decision of the Tournament Director will be final in all matters.

The Tournaments organizer reserves the right to alter the above regulations at any time.